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Tool I've created and maintained for the Wikipedia community. They're used every month to make 15,000-20,000 edits[1]; as a comparison 15,000 cumulative edit is enough to be a top 5,000 Wikipedian.


  • Transcluded Changes (400 lines)
    Reimplementation of recent change for WikiProject to track edits made to their pages. See Ticket T117122 for the community feature request.
  • User activity (700 lines)
    Dashboard for user lists displaying Email status, Gender, Last edit, Blocks, and User groups
  • contribslist (200 lines)
    Quick tool made for an edit-a-thon for tracking a list new users.
  • Recent changes (600 lines)
    Internal tool for tracking edits made and performance.


Smith may be a profession, or a common last name, or an element of many place names, and probably other possible Wikipedia article titles. The common solution is to create a 'disambiguation' page, which helps readers find the article best related to what they are looking for.

  • Dablinks (500 lines)
    Tool to check multiple pages for links to disambiguation pages
  • Dab solver (3,500 lines)
    A simple point and click interface for quickly fixing disambiguation and includes many unique features.
  • Dabfix (3,300 lines)
    A program to help automate cleanup of a disambiguation page
  • Checklinks (2,000 lines)
    produces detailed reports on external links in Wikipedia articles. Editors then can repair dead links with the Wayback Machine or WebCite with a few clicks. It also features an autonomous mode where it builds web page history while preventively archiving using WebCite for WikiProjects.
  • Reflinks (1,500 lines)
    well known by many Wikipedians. It can significantly reduce the amount of time spent converting a URL-only reference into a full citation.


  • Altviewer [accessibility](250 lines)
    designed for image reviewers to check that the alternative text is an appropriate substitute for the images in audio renderings of Wikipedia articles.
  • AltEdit Beta


  • Rdcheck (250 lines)
    Verification tool for section redirects, linked from Special:WhatLinksHere
  • backlinkscount/embeddedincount(150 lines)
    Counts the number of backlinks and template embeddeding
  • ghel (archive) (2,500 lines)
    An ETL system for extracting geo-coordinate from 70 Wikipedia languages, providing daily error information, error correction and de-duplication. It provides a fast R-Tree SQL access and daily dump to third parties. Used by WikiMiniAtlas and others.
  • Commonfixes (1,400 lines)

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