Random Cleanup

Dabfix helps you build and maintain disambiguation pages faster—typically completing 1 hour of work in under ten minutes. Using keyword matching to find articles, both existing (blue links) and non-existing (red links), and attempts to add descriptions, lifespans, and release years. It displays all the information collected in the edit window, where you can rephrase and copy and paste to the main list. Don't want to work? Hit the first button to remove automatically generated (don't worry it wont remove what you've edited) and then the second button to remove all the generated links.

Remember this tool is only designed to make easier for you to edit—Not to do the editing for you. Familiarize yourself Dos and Don'ts below, the Manual of Style, and other wiki principles.


  • WikEd syntax highlighter integration
  • Automatic descriptions from the article's introduction (in black on yellow)
  • Quotation marks and Italics of linked book, film, music, and television episodes
  • Category-based birth, death, and release year labeling
  • Intelligent redirect bypassing
  • Primary topic detection
  • Built in Manual of Style checker to help guide
  • Wiktionary links (slightly dumb, until Wikidata comes)
  • Blue link search including many anthroponymy patterns
  • Red link search including missing articles
  • Converts redirects into disambiguation page
  • …and many Manual of Style fixes

Quick guide to disambigs

Disambiguation pages are not articles – they are navigation aids!
Put the target link at the start of each entry. Red x.svg Don't pipe links, unless formatting requires it.
Keep descriptions short. Red x.svg Don't include multiple blue links in an entry.
Organize long lists in sections, with "other uses" last. Red x.svg Don't include entries without a blue link.
List the primary topic first, if one exists. Red x.svg Don't include red links that aren't used elsewhere.
Link to {{Wiktionary}}, if useful. Red x.svg Don't include every article containing the title.
Fix incoming links to point to the intended page. Red x.svg Don't include dictionary definitions.
Tag pages needing work with {{disambiguation cleanup}} Red x.svg Don't include references or external links.
From Wikipedia:Disambiguation dos and don'ts

Example edits


Code Description MoS Pages Autofix
1 O More than one red link on a line MOS:DABRL 877 0.32% No
2 N Red link with no blue link MOS:DABRL 27,182 9.97% No
3 M Multiple blues link on a line MOS:DABENTRY 37,282 13.68% Yes
6 P Punctuation on line MOS:DABENTRY 22,287 8.18% Yes
7 L No bullet lists MOS:DABENTRY 311 0.11% #*
9 C Non-capitalized entry MOS:DABENTRY 1,264 0.46% Yes
10 B Bold text on line MOS:DABENTRY 1,694 0.62% Yes
11 F Less than two blue links on the page WP:TWODAB 3,916 1.44% Suggestions
12 E External link MOS:DABEXT 760 0.28% No
13 R <ref> tag MOS:DABENTRY 828 0.30% No
14 S Unpiped #section on line MOS:DABSECTION 1,497 0.55% Usually
- T Link is piped to hide (subject) suffix MOS:DABPIPE 17,582 6.45% Usually
- X Excessively long line MOS:DABENTRY 1,307 0.48% No
- H Long unbroken list (30+ item) 556 0.20% No
- U No link on line MOS:DABENTRY 5,482 2.01% Re-links